ALERCE (Fitzroya cupressoides) AS NATURAL MONUMENT:

Alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides) acomo Monumento Natural: un factor de desarrollo económico en la X Región de Los Lagos, Chile

Jorge Gayoso y Bastienne Schlegel

This paper analyses the possibilities of improving teh economic development of the Lake Region in Chile through a tourism proposal associated to alerce as a natural monument. Alerce, the natural patrimony object of this study is described and analysed, characterising the current demand ans its trends. Finally, some points of view about the value of the resource are commented and the advantages and disadvantages of a possible tourist development associated to the natural areas where alerce grows are discussed. The Naural Monument Alerce is an attractive resource, among others, for its scenic beauty, its uniqueness and millennial longevity of its individuals. In consequence, the economy associated to this resource, product of the demand of the new tourist destinations to pristine places which consider the environment, can be considered a suitable instrument for local development.

Key words: Fitzroya cuppresoides, ecotourism, local economic development.

Revista BOSQUE 19(2):85-94, 1998