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Académica Becaria Fulbright de la George Washington University visita la UACh

* Socióloga realiza estadía por cinco meses en el Instituto de Historia y Ciencias Sociales (noticia en inglés).

Dr. Ivy Ken, associate professor of sociology at George Washington University in Washington, DC (US) is a Fulbright Scholar visiting UACh for five months in the Instituto de Historia y Ciencias Sociales. Her stay is financed through an appropriation from the United States Congress for the project, "A Feminist Commodity Chain Analysis of the School Feeding Program in Chile".

Dr. Ken is an expert in the study of social inequality, and she is interested in the school feeding program in Chile because it has been a model for other countries seeking to nourish their most vulnerable children.  Chile's approach, though, relies heavily on private corporations that import much of the food served in schools, even in rural, agricultural regions.  Dr. Ken's visit includes ethnographic fieldwork in schools and farms, along with meetings with UACh faculty and students interested in issues of inequality and food.

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